“My Future Past” Tanka 767

Without NoGod’s Eye

staromg bacl at ,e. read=write

and have ‘time to see’.


my-age music sports, some say,

but it does help turn the pages!*


  • (Which reminds: must go gather up the scattered notebooks, go – maybe you’ll find that lost flickblade knife: you know, the big’un’s a twin to that tinkertoy one you keep in the left-front pocket to slitting envelopes.  The notebooks of essays, stunted short story starts – some middles and ends – poetry of maniforms, some variegated by now with erasures, waterspots and suchlike and random musings, web addresses, people patch-points in ones and sixes or sevens in various outposts where last I read.  Go. Gather. Stack.  Wait for rain and read and catalog. Yeah. Right.)

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