“I Smell Me*”

I smell me…and more,

Shower now, or wait for night?

¡Such a Perezoso!


  • (After a mid-day walk back to the garden from the downtown library, harvesting the inevitable cherry, pear and grape tomatoes, eggplant, and cucumbers – plus what tonight’s salad’s required herbs-n-such, I dig up the okra patch (finally!) and spread compost to await tomorrow’s digging.  A sip of hot sun tea, sans sweetner causes me to whack off a stalk of steevia for a swizzlestick, and wonder if ever gumption will lead indoors for ice cubes and to put the third half-gallon of tea into the fridge.  Today?  Oh, wow! What’s that waft?  It’s coming from you, fool!  Lift and arm and see.  Nevermind the mixed metathree or -five: you stink!  Go! Shower.  Can’t we just sit here and marinade a bit more until sunset.  The mosquitoes are yet no bother and it’s just us one here hassling me about honest odor. You’re hopeless.  No.  Not Really: I have hopes you will get tired of this and leave the rest of me alone for a bit. Stinker!)

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      • My high school Spanish professora, Sra. Esther Williams used to utter – and sometimes mutter – Jota: muy perozoso! to and sometimes at me all the time as she forced me to take not just Spanish II but concurrently do the Spanish III work as well. What a tyrant! But them’s ‘nother stories.

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      • When my younger brother Storm located the Seminole County school book depository’s “burn” area, he rescued Latin I and II books for me in the Summer before my fourth grade year. By Christmas Break I had finished both books, including the exercises…to the detriment of my assigned studies – but that was for me quite normal – and the next year when a evil Fifth Grade teacher who was teaching Her Students Spanish asked my in that Romance Language tongue what was my name, I replied if my very best Latin, could she speak more slowly, please? You do not want to know just how much trouble that smartmouthed response from me caused. Of course I blamed Storm on all of it…he did, after all, begin my slide into self-directed in-school learning. The rest of my self-directed out-of-school booklearning was noneoftheirbiddness!

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      • Oh: I see possible confusion-point. I swiped the calendar off Bruce’s Haiku For Cats page and have yet to take he time to edit that header out…if I knew or could learn how. Just ask his PhatProggishness: he’ll croak you right.


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