“DadHour*” Tanka 675

Kept The Couch attached

and Five O’ Clock just happened!

Laughs…and tears: Marty!


He wove a powerful tale

and – for a time – this son heard!


  • (Marty Breamer, Pastor Marty, Marty B., all personas coming through the air from WPGS AM 840 in Mims/Titusville, Florida.  Though he now lives and preaches in Ohio, he still sends his radio rock-n-roll and his special “Though (Not Talk!) Radio through the airwaves and on the internet, I try to catch his patter whenever possible.  Head his first new-church sermon and that was just fine and the later mini-talk sermonette last week too was a keeper, but this special one-hour Father’s Day blast was special.  I had just hosed off just beside the garden, swigged my last unsweet suntea and said ‘PGS time and about 3:30 told The Couch I was taking it for some dreamship time so stay put:  somehow I awoke to hear Pastor Marty intone “Adorable Deplorable…” and knew I had not missed Drive At Five – or whatever he calls it – and settled back for a fine full listen.  I sure hope he puts out a CD of his tales he polishes into sermons.  He could quit messin’ about the airwaves and get a real sidejob just sellin’ that hash he slings for His Lord.  ‘Scuse: got a few more haiku and tanka to transcribe and hope I have time to fetch up Marty Breamer’s Facebook Page and go see what’s up.)


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