“PastorMarty’s Song” Tanka 670

May in frock Be a

better preacher than Disc Jock,

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puts ‘The Edge’ on the broadcast:

Still say: more sermonettes, please*


  • (Marty Breamer (sp?) of WPGS 840 AM Mims-Titusville,  though now living and preaching in Ohio, still sends out his stuff Monday-to-Friday noons and DriveTimeFives as well as weekend shows.  He played his first sermon at his new church and it was a gas!  Not a single snore from my pew.  And the next week a shorty sermon that was better yet.  Can you make it a regular? I still find it a tickle that one of the main sponsors for WPGS and its lineup and playlist is Temple Baptist’s Temple Christian School.  That says a lot for both the church and school and the medium they support in reaching out to a wide flock.  Best wishes all.)



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