“Got News – Low Chain Link Fence…”

Got news: backyard-scared*.

That fence?  A ‘gator can climb,

and it can dig holes!!


  • (For those who are subjected to terror-tales (tails?) of lakefront Florida living who just moved here and now hear those radio commercials concerning protecting you pets and tykes from the dangerous water – and…gasp! Aligators – from your new home.  Four- and five-foot chain link fences well may contain your kids from all that drowning water, but like many lizards, chain-link is not such a hard climb for a small-, medium- or even large-scale ‘gator.  And, then there’s the water lizard’s habit of making “‘gator holes'” which well may be applied to ‘neath fenced back yards.  You got kids? Got back yards? Water?  Watch ’em. Don’t trust no fences!)



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