“First Sweet Potato…Is There A Pie Hiding?” Tanka 674

First sweet potato

pops its tempting vine-end out

and says Roast Me NOW!


Butter, maple syrup and

cinnamon with salt-pepper!*


  • (A former 50-gallon compost bin reformed from its former days as a trash can, then full of composted materials and kitchen scraps this past winter, sprouted volunteer sweet potato vines and a trio of broccoli rabe plants.  I said: “what the hole?” and let the vines and rappini stay…the leaves from the sweet potato were great steamed but the broccoli rabe stalks never could seem to make it all the way to the kitchen…munch, munch, munch.  Then, just a couple of days ago I see this 9- or 10-inch long not too thick orange – and proud of it – sweet potato just poking halfway out of the dirt.  Just begged to be plucked, washed, roasted and treated special all the way down with the afore-written accouterments and now I am engaged in this internecine warfare with self – do I wait for more to creep upwards or go digging in search of sweet potato pie-makings?  The one I harvested weighed just under a pound and I gloried in the hoggery of eating it all!  The vines are starting to decline, so I might just tump the big bucket over and see what compost hath wrought.  Should I wait for some fresh-picked sweet corn to go with a brisket or just go wild with a boston butt?)

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