“Classic Marine Ditty”

When you’re in terror

or in doubt, run in circles,

and then scream and shout!*


  • (The original classic USMC infantry chant: When In Terror Or In Doubt, Run In Circles, Scream And Shout.  Actually, the ditty has a longer-term habituation amongst Native Americans and perhaps many more so-called primitive societies worldwide and timelong.  The truly strange and bizarre antics of individuals and groups have gained them at certain times power and immunity in dangerous situations.  Shamans and sergeants are not so different: both are showmen and will do anything to get the point across.)

“PastorMarty’s Song” Tanka 670

May in frock Be a

better preacher than Disc Jock,

though Though Radio


puts ‘The Edge’ on the broadcast:

Still say: more sermonettes, please*


  • (Marty Breamer (sp?) of WPGS 840 AM Mims-Titusville,  though now living and preaching in Ohio, still sends out his stuff Monday-to-Friday noons and DriveTimeFives as well as weekend shows.  He played his first sermon at his new church and it was a gas!  Not a single snore from my pew.  And the next week a shorty sermon that was better yet.  Can you make it a regular? I still find it a tickle that one of the main sponsors for WPGS and its lineup and playlist is Temple Baptist’s Temple Christian School.  That says a lot for both the church and school and the medium they support in reaching out to a wide flock.  Best wishes all.)