“What It Looks, Feels, Smells…” Tanka 656

Looks, quacks, flies, walks, squats

like a duck…it’s not a horse!

Hear that, Jim Comey?


Persecutor Mueller just

too close to you for this job!*


  • (Actually, much the same could be said of the Assistant Attorney General as well. Giving Mueller the Prosecutor – Persecutor Especiale! –  job and watching that goon hire all his Hillary-donating Dem-friends to join the Trump-Hunt just reeks.  Fire the lot: start again.  This Time start with investigating Comey, Mueller and their own special patron Hillary Collectivist Clinton. That will get some showtime stats for the alphabet stations.  Keep tweetin’ Massa Don!  This time don’t let the ol’e boys tell you who is irreproachable and hire whom you know and trust not whom the establishments – yep, plural! – want.)

“Sale On-Going To Pay This William”

Sale: hundreds golf balls

from pristine to rangeball types:

can’t find my sandwedge!*


  • (Actually contemplating suchlike, with books, cuttings, plants – both edible-producing and ornamental, clothes, cookery stuff – to make the July 18 “nut” for WP…or work could come in next week or so…hmm…better start wishing and sorting the flog-balls.)