“Wild Garlic Harvest*” Tanka 641

Wild garlic harvest

and some untamed onions, too,

with more hot peppers.


Add those displaced Night Crawlers

to the big compost can – Stat!


  • (How may one honestly say his formerly gleaned-from-the-wild garlic plants – and surely not his purchased from the stand wild onion sets – with stalks! – be wild any more now that the garlics grow apace in pots and produce in greater abundance?  Admittedly, I use only the leaves for garniture and seasonings as yet, but now with a good handful of seed-sprouts off the stalk as it were, and a half-measure of garlic bulbs below just dug – not to mention the few alleged-wild onions (could it be because they are so small they may be marketed as wild? Naah? – I face a challenge this late Summer when I commit those seed pods and garlic heads to pots and to ground space for some that I have not forever altered their lot?  After Mattie gave me those garlic heads she dug from the front yard of Goldsboro Elementary school’s Country Club Road big open field those three or four years ago, they quit being wild, right?  And since I’ve been back to that spot she said from which the garlics used to grow and I have seen no more exemplars, what am I to think.  I will have to grow more – and more – and give some seed- and head-stock to trusted friends to expand their universe. Thanks for listening.  I will say no more about The Wild Onions: I only know what I read in my blog.)

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