“And She Smells Good, Too!” Tanka 641

Gorgeously haired

post-teen in tight short-shorts lets

a dragon crawl past


her left hem and flashes me

sunshine smile striding my street!*


  • (Sucker am I for an auburn-haired lady of any age, but this young twenty-something fit and profoundly comely lass caught my eye immediately as she jobbed towards the Middle School on Maple Avenue as I tended some gardening chores.  Then, I noticed a major portion of a classical medieval dragon running out of her long stockings and disappearing under her denim short-shorts.  What a wonderful mystery.  I’ll treasure the moment.  But I will have to build, buy, borrow – or steal – a bigger memory vault because such wonders happen all the time…today, this morning actually, I walked 15 feet past a roosted red-shouldered hawk taking its ease on a Sanford parkswing made of metal piping as it faced the Bed & Breakfast called Higgins House on Oak Avenue catter-corner to the Bettye D. Smith Cultural Center as I walked the diagonal path – not paved (drat!) through Centennial Park. And, then, the encounter with the two poodles each proudly displaying their owners craftily and both deigning to deliver to my hand a welcoming sniff and in one case a rasp-tongued welcome. One was a long-time downtown champion hunter of squirrels and her un-leash not-holder fellow cynic friend; the other leash-moved her white puffball over to my side of the walk as she graciously allowed my “goodmorning..and, yes, you may have a sniff as I extended the back of my hand for a sniff.  Both of hers were lookers!  One had soft, luxuriant curly hair.  I’ll check out the other one next time.  It’s rare you get to say hi to a flighted hunter and two stolid and stalwart grounded hunters the same morning.)

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