Recording of My Poem “Mayflies” — O at the Edges

“Mayflies” is included in my chapbook, From Every Moment a Second, forthcoming from Finishing Line Press. FLP is taking prepublication orders here. Please note: prepublication sales determine the print run, which means this stage is crucial in terms of how many copies will be printed and the number of copies I’ll receive as payment. So if […]

via Recording of My Poem “Mayflies” — O at the Edges

“Fruit And Milk”

Menu for breakfast?

Grilled dogs on sourdough rye toast*

or fried eggs on same?


  • (Three of me voted Hot Dogs with grilled sauerkraut, mustard, chopped onions and the smallest hamburger dills I could find in the quart jar.  I go now to see if I have any leftover potato salad.  Now, that would be a surprise.  Have the milk and fruit – and maybe oatmeal – for later?  Good play, boyo!)