“Woke Up Early Just For This Knead*”

The sourdough rye loaf

soaks up six cups of bread flour:

glad got whole wheat in!


  • (After a 24-hour rest in the fridge, the massive sourdough whole-wheat-n-rye bread doubled – at least – in content, not necessarily in mass – as i kneaded in about six more cups of bread flour to get a tacky-but-smooth finish and the caraway seeds still shine through!  I started with two cups each of whole wheat and rye I bought very reasonably at Hollerbach’s WillowTree Cafe in downtown Sanford, Florida – that two-pound lot purchases ensures the flours stay fresh and don’t sit en-bag too long – to what I estimate at almost four cups of sourdough starter which will celebrate its eighth year of life hiding in the fridge with minimal bi-weekly feedings.  I added a cup of cournmeal, a half cup each of vital wheat gluten and potato starch and debated whether to added a cup of just-milled by blender rice flour but that is an experiment for later.  Toss in a scant quarter-cup of Grade B Maple Syrup, two tablespoons of dark – or lightbrown – sugar, 2 TB kosher salt – hey! It’s a Big Bread! – and 2 tablespoons of dry-skillet toasted whole caraway seeds.  I debated adding some dry yeast to get more rise, but that seemed to have taken the oomph out of the sourdough taste.  We shall see – taste! The ‘speriment continues.  The worked-over bread dough will take another 24-hour rest in the chill and then will get a final workout with yet more flour and if decided divisions and baking tomorrow afternoon.  May be one loaf – glass – and one moderately huge boule or one humungus boule sure to generate some extra-thick crust.  Likes my crust.  Cantchatell?)

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