“Hoops In June?”

Hoops belong on dresses.

Antebellum word, not press:

but, hey, blown your own!


  • (Just the thought of basketball in swelter – especially in air-conditioned inside – gives me – and always has given me – pause, just like baseball deep into Fall’s first strong chills and Football right next to Spring’s carpetbag.  Hockey in June.  Hockey! But if the Marks make their way to the turnstiles, who am I to ‘gainsay?  I’s who, that’s who!  No, I did not watch.  Will admit to reading a book while listening on the ray-did-he-oh.  Books gots no season, guys, and they can be turned to useful “mugger-distractors” to feigning distraught and tossing said book in the air – the robber’s eyes will follow and your foot will find purchase right next to his gonads…but that is just one technique.  See? Books be full of uses and knowledge never knows where it will find purchase to get you jam-outta. And no, if you can not come up with other ways to employ a 300-500 page paperback as a substitute umbrella or sumsuch weapon, then you truly need some more democrat fooltomery to keep you safe.)