“Osprey Atop Movie House*”

Osprey atop old

Ritz Theatre screen building –

no mullet for lunch?


  • (The old Ritz, now Helen Stairs Theatre’s tall movie-screen addition projects over all other nearby buildings as it runs alongside Lake Monroe and The St. Johns River about three narrow-way blocks from this high aerie.  This osprey, without a fish to rend and perhaps just now having its fledglings off on their own adventures, was “talking” if not to a not-there mate, than just announcing itself to its world.  While not so musical as the Bald Eagle, Osprey vocalisms have their own charm.  They abound hereabouts even more than the Bald Eagles; osprey with fish aligned torpedo-like in its talons are something to behold – and better – when a thieving eagle comes from behind, flips onto its back and wrenches the fish away from said osprey, flips again and without a word beats off to its own roost.  Bring big binocs or 1500 mm camera lenses to watch these birds at out 11-mile-long, four-mile-wide shallow spot lake in the middle of the St. Johns’ northward – mostly – run.  The city’s quarter-to-view bi-focal swivel-mount closeups do not seem to work.)

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