“Which Is Smarter?”

I don’t have smart* phone.

Double-sawbuck a quarter

is all that mine costs!


  • (Virgin Mobile USA – yeah, I know Lib-leaning – costs $20 per 90-day three-‘month’ timespan and includs extra memory slot, video, IM, test, web, what else? Oh, yeah! Phone costs Eleven – $11! – bucks…with charger!) On only when outside or working in the swamps/woods and need to let the meat wagon know where to find the carcass.)



“Big Marty!”

Pastor Marty’s* first

Sermon at his new digs – church:

It’s Too Big To Miss!


  • (Marty Breamer, one of several mainstays at AM Radio 840 WPGS out of Mims – actually an Old Dixie Highway Titusville address here in Central Florida, has moved on to mid-America on a religious call, but he promises to remain for his Thought Radio intrudes and suchlike on this AfterNoon Drives weekdays except Friday 5 p.m. for Flashback Radio and his Sunday oldies gig(s), etc.  But that first sermon to his new flock needs to be cd-ed and flung out to anyone with a modem – yeah, I know, like Cool Ed and Insane Shane, I’s caught in an old loop and I love it.  Play on, boys! Play on!  Their air-envelope gives me just before 7 a.m. to just after 8 p.m. listen-to time.  Takes the suffer out of stupid sometimes! OK: most times.)

“Romania* And Us”

Romania and

American Presidents

stand strong together!


  • (Romania just pledged to up its 1.4 percent Gross Domestic Product contribution to NATO’s common ‘defense’ spending to just over 2 percent, and with a joint press conference following their two-party (bilateral) meeting, the two presidents seemed ‘On The Same Rail’ when it comes to what faces the North Atlantic Treaty Organization alliance – and, yes, it includes both Russia and Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorism.  Romania has rebounded from its long dark night under Communist hegemony and even more than Turkey is a stanch ally on The Eastern Edge.)