“Attention ReOrder Deficit*”

My bud Bruce Jewett

Attention Order Deficit:

He casts long shadow!


  • (We were engaged in the DeMerits of Cable, which GoodSir Jewett says he always has eschewed, but allows as ho he feeds his Attention Deficit Disorder with helpings and helpings of YouTube for his cultural enrichment.  I demurred most uncoyly: Not ADD, Bruce, but Attention ReOrder Deficit, which I now define as the mental condition of recalling you hast failed to fling the proper reorder form onto the refrigerator and thus you hope to find some soft banana leaves outside for your pre-ablutionaries following the other things one does in that room. Tee-shirt bottoms and shorts-legs serve for the dry-cleaning after the washjob.  ARD also is the sound heard most often around these skewed Acronymics poking fun at the follies of people who listen to drug-dispensing quacks who’d really rather shut you up than your kid: but what-the-hay, synthetic speed and coke keeps the pretty pharma-reps dropping by in their shiny new corvettes, so just keep writing those scripts!)

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