“A ‘Tooth***’ Of Fridays” Tanka 603

A ‘Tooth’ of Friday:

tasty tomatoes, sharp onions,

hot peppers and all,


even a June-hiding hard

cucumber, all prickly*!


  • (Friday, June 2 (Tooth, I insist in the past-future perfected sense) wanting a without-lettuce salad, I walk through the garden and whilst picking yellow and red pear and red cherry and mutating back to pear state grape tomatoes and wondering when ever the store-boughten seed-sprouted “vine” tomatoes of the second setting will turn red and yield mostly tasteless red decorative wedges to collect salt, pepper, olive oil and home-made redwine vinegars, I lift a curious vine which decided to crowd out some new parsley seedlings and lo-and-behold baby gherkin cukes down by the pot and as I pull up the rest of the trailing vine reveals this inch-and-three-quarters ’round, dark green – glorybe! without wax! – cucumber, dense and hard and still prickly as if to say, pick me and die! Chortling and gleefull I guide my sandaled feet through the parsley and bronze and Florence fennel fronds, the Caribbean thyme, all lush and big and muted beige and light-green leaves with exact thyme taste, and wonder should I pull a few red torpedo onions or use the Granex – same genus-species as their more-famous Georgia cousins reposing naked in the plastic prison in the fridge?  Deion Sanders Time: Both! A few leaves of marjoram and several scatterings of oregano and just worthy** of cropping new basil, like the cuke, hiding in the mostly shade, and some cuttings of several kinds of garlic and don’t forget the purple/lavender garlic chive blossoms to go with some thinly sliced rounds of carrots, celery and radish that promises not to feel poorly since they came from the cellophane and not mine own wormy dirt.  Dressed on a large platter I take my early evening’s repose and repast, replenished.  And burp.)
  • ** (Just had to correct “wirthy” with its real spelling of “worthy” in the first comment despite many misgivings about “Leave It Be! It deserves its fate in this column concerning herbiverousness!”  But, since I had a double-dog – first steamed then split and fried in light canola oil on two slices of toast with just mustard hot dogs, my slightly sheepish Yea! He’s gone To The Other Dark Side! persona will just have to wring meat-gnashing teeth as I remember: we got some several kinds of olives, butter pickles and a few sour gherkins left in our cold larder…cheese and some hard salume, too?  Might as well make popcorn for after!  I’ll svelte down after the universal collapse and resultant famine, no?)
  • *** (The most asterisk(es?) ever I have used, but in this case I must:  “Tooth” I have used before and always in conjunction with The Second Day of Any One, especially as it applies to some eating activity.  Just ‘splainin’.)

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  1. Checked the cuke vine…one more long’un getting ready for a picking and a passle more gherkin-sized. We are due for rain through Thursday with as much as 2-3″ in some spots. Glad most mornings merely humid to downright dampish but not torrenting.


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