“Fifty-Year Mistake”

Fifty-year mistake

solved finding boot camp yearbook:

Gary Crippen found!*


  • (Gary Crippen came to Platoon 1047, 1044-Series,  B Company, 1st Recruit Training Battalion, 1st Recruit Training Reciment, Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, South Carolina.  He came to us sometime after our rifle range two weeks or just about that timeframe – before drill competition – along with at least one other guy.  When April Crippen Schofield found me on Facebook I knew the name but misplaced the face.  April told me Gary, who died in 2012,  had lived in and around my area of Central Florida and she thought it sad we had never again connected after Marine boot camp.  When finally I found one of my two copies of the Platoon 1047 bootcamp yearbook Gary’s “thumbnail” headshot photo was not in its alphabetical order but came at the very end along with at least one other guy.  It was that one other guy whose photo I confused with Gary’s picture.  I since have connected with the former Mrs. Gary Crippen as well as April.  Gary’s granddaughter also is a Marine, a helicopter flying crewchief in Marine Air.  Getting that all straightened out is a big relief.  April shared with me a couple of photos of Gary well after our brief time in The Marines, when both had assumed a more civilian visage, and what his pictures showed was not the young man I remembered. Thus, I was hesitant to acknowledge Gary Crippen’s existence in my boot camp platoon.  Now this old jarhead again can look at a beer and say: God Bless and Godspeed you with a following wind and gentle seas, Gary Crippen.)