“But Some Near Here Would ‘Gainsay That!”

Yesterday’s rain* didn’t

send flat rocks searching for cows,

nor left strangled toads!


  • (We got near two inches of May 31st rain late afternoon-through early evening to break a long month’s drought – with but a few humid exceptions – but areas just South of Sanford in Seminole County (Florida, USA) logged more than six inches of the wet stuff in a similar short period.  More expected each day through Tuesday – which is about as far as National Weather Radio cares to predict.  Then we may have some interesting accumulations in the upper Gulf of Mexico to entertain us.  Now, I guess I will quit my guff about The Rainy Season here in Central Florida not real until Mid-June and just dig up the decorative green grasslike plants my sister-in-law wants for her yard, and plant my okra seeds from last Fall’s harvest after 25 gallons of compost or so gets turned in and the straggler collard greens get potted – which I might suggest to the guy who lives in my mirror: getting potted, I mean.)