“‘Pastor Marty’* At Play In The Radio Fields”

Pastor Marty plays

Friday Flashback radio’s

Sergeant Pepper Album!


  • (Says June 1 its 49th release date in the UK and June 2 celebrates its US 49th year release date.  Pastor Marty is Marty Breamer who may in fact be an actual man-o-the-cloth.  His Drive At 5(:05) and at 12:05 mix commentary, politics and damnfine rockrollfrolics on AM 840 Mims/Titusville (Local840AM.com) is a treat.  The 1000-watter radio station’s main sponsor is the Baptist Temple Christian School…and that in itself is an amazing thing.  When I was Titusville Star-Advocate sports editor I covered Temple Baptist School’s inaugural foray into Florida State Christian School/Parochial School interscholastic athletics and the girls who played nighttime volleyball on a lit softball field’s infield clay all wore mid-calf dresses and vests over longsleeve white shirts, while the boys played flag football.  Much has changed.  Even then the junior high Lions from Temple Baptist lost their star quarterback Ethan Waldron the next year when he transferred to become starting quarterback at secular Astronaut High School.  The radio station started seven years after I left North Brevard County for other pastures, but since I have eschewed much else of popular electronic media, AM 840 is a breath of fresh – and often conservative but fun-as-hell wild rock-n-roll oldies air!)

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