3 thoughts on ““What ISIS Wants” Tanka 584

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  2. And here I sit saying The Thief Is The Night, not The Knight! Quit counting thieves and start shooting (K)nights! The numbers bled by the three (major? maybe lieutenant colonel) monotheistic religions in the name of What God Wants keeps this planet green what with all the processed hemaglobin and other minerals returned to earth – except for those wylie coyote crhistians who insist on sepulchers of livestimeslastingness ‘stead of simple biodegradable options. My one sis-in-law wants to parade my carcass to Arlington for a planting and I want her to commit to an illegal act: let me rot and feed trees (and bears or even eagles and otters) on the banks of Wild and Scenic Wekiva River not far from Sanford. Jesus signed that contract under duress! As his self-appointed not-annointed agent I must protest: he though he was standing in the More Wine Line!


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