“‘Story Lady’ Puns”

StoryLady* puns:

people who stole thrones should not

dance in glass houses!


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“Jim Long USMC”

Jim Long, slim fingered,

slim-faced,played a cigarette

working his next move!*


  • Jim Long came to Kaneohe Bay Marine Corps Air Station’s public relations/base newspaper office about midway in my one-year tour there.  Thin, nervous, chain-smoking with a top-chessplayer’s only slightly muted arrogance, he thrashed me soundly and several times I seem to recall held off Bruce for victories.  He’d wave that lit baton and explain that he was quite certain he could smoke with impunity for the next thirty-five years because by the time he would be 55, Lung Cancer would be cured.  Such pronouncements were pure Jim Long, with that quirked smirking half-smile and rapier-fast moves with a surgeon’s precision and a cutthroat’s compassionlessness on those 64 squares.  He showed up at K-Bay just a bit after three of our number had fallen afoul of what then passed for the updated version of Rocks And Shoals, and what a sad sore sight we presented all pristine in our new privates (first class) striped sleeves, though one was then (now) and Lance Corporal again.  He did not smarm nor intrude nor inquisit, but I was sure he was an ONI plant to see what else nefarious was afoot at notorious Windward Marine press offices at which I took refuge as often as possible.  The other tales are safe under rock and nokey.
  • Bruce: does this mean only Larry Estrada or do The Dames need their turn?  What was “Shakey’s last name? Jerry’s too?)