“The Day The Music Died*”

This Summer slips in

by May’s side door unannounced!

With one chill to come.


  • (Written May 14, 2017 and just after finishing I heard on local AM radio (WPGS 840) today was the anniversary of the deaths of J. P. Richardson “The Big Bopper”, Ritchie Valens and Buddy Holly and pilot Roger Peterson in an airplane crash in Clear Lake, Iowa on February 3, 1959 and was obliquely referred to in Don McLean’s seminal “American Pie,” Why the local oldies – or I – was confused to equate  May 14 for an earlier signal date in modern American Rock-n-Roll history is beyond me.  But in searching the re-memberance I found one fact I either never knew or had forgotten.  Richardson had traded places with Waylon Jennings on that ill-fated plane for a cold bus trip to Minnesota instead.)

“Judy In Disguise”

Judy In Disguise

plays on the ‘dio and I

“trip back” to Green Times!


  • (1968, Jacksonville, North Carolina, just outside the main gate of the sprawling U. S. Marine Corps’ amphibious base Camp Lejeune (Swamp Lagoon to some), in a less seedy bar called The Birdcage I wander in for a watery 3.2-percent alcohol by volume beer and hear on the jukebox a strange new song: Judy (In Disguise) With Glasses! a clear takeoff on Lucy In The Sky by The Beatles.  Do – or did – the authors of the former think it would earn radio play or bartender play in lieu of the by-then deciphered intend of LSD in the lyrics not hidden very well at all by messers john,paul,george,ringo?  Never heard Lucy In The Sky in or around a military base, but Judy In Disguise a frequent showup. Who was kidding whom?)