“I Think Officer Noyse Means It” Tanka 558

I think she means it:

Noyse tells scofflaw jaywalkers

“I will write you up!”


to schoolkids outside the paths:

maybe she wants a tranfer?*


  • (Like the famous case of Sanford DUI-homicide traffic specialist Officer Billy Crapps who got “demoted” from his cruiser to Walk The Downtown Sanford Beat by Shank’s Mare – and who grinned every day thereafter (how he got demoted is another story!), Officer Jane Noyse is a stickler for keeping Sanford Middle School kids walking out of the street come time for the doors to open and the scofflaw parents and bus drivers run the gauntlet of kids who will not see nor stop nor listen nor much – hell, you know the drill, and if you’re like me still are a kid – and she gets results, too. Sometimes.)

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