“‘Nanner* Spider”

‘Nanner spider web

‘cross oak and chickasaw plum:

‘fishing’ air between!


*(Our native? big black and yellow banana spiders – about the size of an extended hand from wrist-to-fingertips – used to be common in the pine flatwoods in which I used to roam so freely around Sanford in search of blueberries, blackberries and the occasional pulled frond of palmetto – which tastes like melted bits of heaven with an indescribably sweet and refreshingly wet crunch and is a kind of kids’ mock-swamp cabbage dish which requires the heart of a Sabal Palm…but I digress – as if that’s new! – and now back to ‘Nanner Spider, which I used think were our version of tarantulas – until I saw a real T-spider, wow! – and when running blindly down an old boar’s run in the woods I’d sometimes plow right through a well-set spiderweb set between two tall Florida pine trees.  Seeing the diamonds-on-strings reflection this morning just minutes before true sunrise as I went out to reset some just-transplanted basil plants, cast me into waves of memories and I went back inside cussin’ a storm because I had just slipped up – again – went outside without a notebook and pen.  I hope the Nanner Spider caught a fine breakfast.)

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