Sheila’s Song

Sheila McDermid In SanfordSilly faded cartoon on her ankle, she owns a smile which melts granite and pets specters smoke and deviant boys. Feisty tree-climber then until her son can not afford a fall – then came Rosie ‘midst the dramafamily flailings. Last time a triple-sawbuck to learn her life’s latest drownings sorrows before tragedies and all what […]

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“The Substitute’s Up-commance”

New Teach: “Don’t act smart!”

Me: It’s not an act, ma’am!

Shall I play Stupid?*


*(That got me sent to the office in my fourth or fifth grade year at Pine Crest Elementary.  The legendary principal, Mrs. Margaret Reynolds, who would see me a few more times the next few years – leaned back in her wooden swivel chair and quirked: “what now, J?” So I told her.  Mrs. Reynolds then asked: “got a book?” I smirked…and then shrugged: “Me? how could you ask?” She returned serve: “Go sit outside my office 15 minutes, read your high school Latin textbook, and when you get back to class at least try to look contrite. Got it?” Mes’um.  How’d you know it was Latin? “Go,” she pointed! I go-ed!

I know Comeuppance is the correct word and thus Up-Commence would seem most appropriate – What? Me? Appropriate? WhyComeNow! Besides, Up-commance has a charm all its own, thinkethme.)

“Just Think: June’s Got Some Cool, Too!”

Some think this short May

clime a last chill ‘fore late Fall –

June can surprise, too!*


*(As a high school senior with a 6-6-66 graduation date – yeah! I read that with a wicked snarky grin too! – I got a chance, finally, to wear my more-appropriate to full winter here in Central Florida high school letterman’s jacket for two days during finals at the cusp of May-June.  And, now, I see middle school kids almost completely covered in hoodies and coats as soon as the mercury threatens the South Side of Seventy Degrees Fahrenheit! I don’t shed shorts for longjeans until the temps dip below 50°)