“Cotton Mouth & Mamba”

Black Mamba and a

Water Moccasin will stalk

a human not-prey*!


*(There may be others – puff adder and such, but the Cotton-Mouth Water Moccasin and the Black Mamba are alleged to be the two deadly snakes known to “stalk” humans who annoy them.  Both are said to get ahead of their intended victims and strike whey they walk past. Don’t know so much about that, but in 1966 while serving as a lifeguard at the U.S. Navy Base’s Lake Golden swim area in Sanford, Florida – Naval Air Station – I used to take a 10–to-15-minute swim break just after noon – before I had my lunch – and swim across the half-mile or so lake and on returning from a slightly more sane half-lake swim I was told to turn around and look back from the other lifeguard stationed at one of two rafts placed about 100 feet offshore…Damn!  A big, fat and somehow or somewhy pissed-at-me Water Moccasin was undulating quickly along about five yards behind me!  Instanter!  I submerged and swam at right angles to the snake for a good 30 seconds and when I surfaced, I put on my best sprint to shore and the duty lifeguard whistled everyone else out of the lake.  Dang! Well: least it wasn’t a gator!)

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