“WhiteBread* Taco”

Seasoned pepperbeef

in a whitebread fake taco

begins noon’s repast.


(Not wonderbread, but close.  Air-puffed slices I use to soak up hotdog condiments or freshly done burgers’ juice and my particular OCD mustard-n-onions{onions soak up juice atop burgers which are placed dry in a kosher-salted pan – holds down splatter and reduces the need to season that side, both of which get the ground black mustard treatment and salt on the top. Some onion rings fall off their half-moons and are left to crisp and curl)  one side and pickles-n-ketchup the other. The onions are returned to the flip-side and yet more individual half-rings escape to join their darker, crispier brethren.  In olden times – sometimes merely yesterday – The top and bottom halves are layered with salt-free – now – potato chips which eliminate the need for a third hand whist eating. J-made lemonade or jamiaca tea (hibiscus), Upper 10 – failing that I sigh and 7Up and, alas, a cola one-syllable.))

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