“What’s In A Name?”

‘Miimphs*’ is how they

say it East of Highway One:

says more than just Mims!


*(Okay: one more try – there’s a rising inflection between the two ‘eyes’ – and I suspect it is a Gullah thing: many of the families – not all some are from Jamaica, some from The Bahamas and Some – like the rest of us – from all over though the coastal South Carolina connection is prevalent  – but the dominant sound is exclusionary in a self-protective way and if you can’t handle that then too bad.  the final consonant pair hides the ‘h’ imperfectly and perhaps that’s intended.  Like an apostrophe in D’Andre: anything to personalize, one-up and perhaps nose-thumb those expecting Tom or Jane. Black people, especially those still living in tight rural mostly agricultural communities – almost all gone now – have a flavor and beat that is magical.)

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