“Radio Free Mim(p)s*”

New-found ‘Hay Hem’ sound,

Radio Free Mims snarky

and plays my music!


*(When I was committing journalism in North Brevard County – Titusville, Mims, Port St. John and Scottsmore – and never forget to add Hog Valley! – one of my favorite hangouts was The Oasis bar in East Mims where some of the old timers – many orange grove workers and lots of dads whose sons played Little League baseball over ‘cross the tracks – Mims was but one of two town in Florida in which the Black population primarily lived oceanward of the railroad tracks: Jupiter or Riviera Beach the other – and I noticed a particular vocal inflection those kids and some of their pa’s gave to the name Mims…it was as if a nearly silent though struggling to reach vocality “p” was present and thus Mim(p)s was added to my lexicon.  Thanks, Preacher, Curley and The Gang at Oasis where I got my beer in a pitcher glass and the wings scorched paint on the roof – not the ceiling – and some nights the pool table was shoved against the front door and the outside light was switched from yellow-white to a dull red to let the Cocoa crowd know no foolishness would be tolerated.  I used to drop in when white people became too much of a pain and when I wanted to take my sports editor self off-grid.)

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