2 thoughts on ““Build LaGrange Habitats Yesterday!” Tanka 540

  1. And once you have the lunar high ground, you can just aim a lunar rock to blast any city on earth… See Heinlein’s “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress”…

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    • Did. And I think given the kinds of people who’d emigrate – considering we know not if Man may exist (or thrive) in such non-terrestrial climes) well might be libertarian or leavemealonian enough to worry ’bout the pests below wanting what you describe of the lunar rail-gun for nefarious purposes. Point-n-shoot-on-a-swivel, Bruce, a swivel. Tugs to near-lunar orbit at first to gather trans-Martian rocks for von neumann (sp?) smelting for later drop-down to wetspots below – but I’d rather Clarkeianly go for monomolecular skyhook cables than create mini-tsunamian circles…besides, the oitment’s fly well may be toilet paper and Mr. Clean wipes: human dermal debris fogging up the solar glass for growing the zero- or even spin-made gravity plants (read a somewhat uniqueish sf novel from The MacDonald…forget the name at present…his gumshue investigates a murder in trojan-point orbit and notices all the glass needing cleaning. Besides, we can accomplish so much more letting the mega-cities implode of their own corruption, teat-demanding drains that cause the by-then last three family farmers to introduce mycological means to maneuver all others to SoyLent Purple(?). But when somewhos other than mywhos want to go up to a place we let the United Nations collection of ‘Merica-Haters take precedent over who “owns” the moon, a la Antarctica, things will simmer just so long before an enlightened pack of wolves decide which sheep is for dinner. I want my country’s knives and forks present at THAT table.


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