“Five HayHem Wakeup*”

Sometimes just the start

is all you have to go on:

windup is the key!


*(Earlier, I had cancelled the 6 a.m. alarm.  Saturday would be for a nice Spring laze before taking my bare toes into the garden for a nice weed-pull and some repotting with reading a hibiscus tea drinking thrown in.  But something pestered.  I woke: turned the crank on the “Sidewinder” cell-phone battery recharger device which never has fit any cell phone I – or anyone else I know – have owned but does have a terrific little one-bulb LED light.  I read the SONY pocket radio/weather radio clockface: 5 a.m.!  What? Why?  Oh, yeah: that pestering first line “Sometimes Just The Start…” I knew what I had to do: reach for the pen and pad and scribble under the ever-dimming light the lines and then lay back and grab a handfull of camouflage cool blanket I use to top my pillow and ponder:  thus, the next two lines appear.  I gotta quit meeting me like this.  I awoke next at 7, did some necessary things and shrugged into the backpack with notebooks and space to pick up the book I had reserved yesterday at the library.  En route I swiped some last few branches of Rosemary at the old Grammar School to further attempt cutting-success on this venerable old specimen as but three or five of the first dozen cuttings 10 days ago appear to have taken to root and threaten new growth.  Maybe that’s what prompted the Start of This Tale.)

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