“First Street* GMOaks”

Our “Special” Oaks eat

the morning sun with relish.

No mustard? Onion?


*(A decade back when Sanford had just finished ripping up First Street in its downtown remodeling – about the fourth time by my count since coming to this Central Florida haven of Americana – City Mothers (and Fathers) planted young oaks to line not just First Street, but the first blocks or so of the North-South arterial avenues as well: I shook my head – “them oaks,” I recalled spouting, “will rip up those new widened sidewalks, push out the pavement and generally hell about underground you guys so carefully and lavishly expensively put in. And that says nothing about the overhead…the awnings, the wires the windows. What were they thinking?” My interlocutor assured me my fears were unfounded. “These Oak trees were genetically modified to grow skinny and tall and not be a bother to the buildings and the roots will not bulge upward along the ground and spread tentacles wide and destructive. They were designed not to.”  I wonder if the oaks know what they are missing?)

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