“Sticks-N-Snakes” Tanka 534*

Snake assumes stick stance,

moves peristaltically,

broke-back and halt.


Mirage moving by herky-jerks.

Oh, wait! Put on your glasses!


*(With apology – if called for – to William C. Dietz, author of the estimable Legion of The Damned” Science Fiction series which was co-read with Roger Zelazny’s Doorways In the Sand as I sat outside sans polarized sunglasses, reading and birdwatching – both kinds – and noticed an interesting optical allusion {spelling intentional}. The top of the gardenhose was moving in fits and starts and while that may have been – partially – attributed to being functionally blind, especially in the stratospheric range of twenty feet, I could have sworn it was a paraplegic snake.  So I nosed-on the specs and, yep, it was a Force Recon black snake trying to sneak past enemy headquarters by imitating a second along-side garden hose running through a sun-n-shade dappled patch of sandy Florida surface yet unconverted to condominium or pleasure park.  The garden from when I assume the snake came after a morning’s shopping, lay off to the side, a nice breen {amalgam of brown and green} hue.)

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