“Double Dozen Head O’ Rosemary”

Double-dozen head

of rosemary cuttings set:

grammar school’s* children!


*(Sanford, Florida’s Grammar School – the town’s red brick castle to learning – for white kids only, sadly, has succumb ed to the auction block and now is being refurbished to fit private plans.  But its days as a University of Central Florida-mostly supported student museum – with a pioneer garden attached – also has been lost.  No longer does the county’s Master Gardener program maintain, rotate and carry forth the educational aspects of early- and mid-nineteenth century pioneer agricultural practices.  The sassafras tree, the chickasaw plum, and pineapples, blueberries – though one lone rabbit eye blueberry bush remains – all are gone or near dead.  The loquat and fig arbor are threatened as is the sugar cane.  The herb patch is ravaged by neglect, weeds and drought. No more can a casual interloper see milkweed to entice travelling Monarch butterflies; the african blue basil is gone; the massive old rosemary bush, about three feet tall and probably five or more feet across, is reduced to just one living pie-shaped wedge – the other herbs are gone or on the way out the door.  I have a dozen or two rosemary cuttings a couple of weeks into my teasing attempts to grow new clones from that massive mama plant.  My one biggie from her suffered a mysterious decline last year and but a third of it remains in that 25-gallon pot: two more attempts to transplant large siblings into the garden soil failed this season. I have one remaining big’un and these cuttings.  If many survive I shall try to find Sanford homes for them this coming Fall.  I mourn the banana tree and the kumquat and those bronze-red muscadines.  Things change. Some.  I like the fight. When the cuttings are ready for adoption, I shall alert Facebook’s Sanford Groups.)

*(The above-place photo is but one of the few I have posted to WordPress which depicts the desert/cactus garden segment of the former Pioneer Garden on the South side of Sanford Grammar.  I shall search the cards and drives and such for pictures of Sanford Grammar, its pioneer garden and accouterments and especially its rosemary bush.)



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