“Double-dozen Head O’ Rosemary” Tanka 525*

Double-dozen head

of rosemary cuttings set:

grammar school’s children!


Old school sold and new owner

lets pioneer garden rot!


*(The above photo is of the aforesaid rosemary bush’s daughter I have that still survives.  More cuttings from it will come.)

*(Sanford – Florida, USA – Grammar School, whose cornerstone for its then-new addition reads 1913, the year Seminole County incorporated with Sanford as its County Seat, once was the high school and later the junior high and then the elementary (Grammar) school for this early-and-mid 19th Century community.  Come upon hard times, and with withdrawn support from its main financial backer as a student museum with an excellent pioneer garden, guarded and nurtured by the county’s Master Gardener Program, was allowed to go fallow – sold to a private party in the midst of remodeling inside and the garden that once boasted an examplar of Sassafras, Pawanee Plum, sugar cane, kumquat, cactii – nopales capable – seasonal vegetal examples of early Florida pioneer family gardens and various herbs that ranged from thyme and marjoram, balms and worts and both high bush and rabbit eye blueberries have been allowed to succumb to the ravages of no human hand.  Most notable is the now-dying near-three-feet tall and probably five (or more) feet in diameter Rosemary bush of an age enough to h ave a double-handed basal trunk which has survived splitting, droughts and freezes uncounted.  The muscadine – big bronze-reddish juicy fruits – look ragged and so much else already has been lost.  The ancient and spreading fig arbor and the massive and almost city’s best loquat is in peril.  I took a goodly number of cuttings of the old rosemary bush and they are swimming upstream rather well and I hope they will join their mama-clone big bush which inexplicably last year lost two-thirds of its growth – from trunk to tip – and had to be excised yet the surviving third thrives in that same 25-gallon pot.  I hope to have a couple of dozen babies ready to be adopted this Fall.  I shall let the Sanford Community know via the two Facebook Sanford group pages when the time is right.  I love to skewer shrimp, lamb, pork, beef and vegetables on long denuded rosemary skewers for the grill or the smoker.  Nothing teases neighbors like some fresh herbs, onion skins, garlic peelings and black pepper corns – plus sour root orange leaves, branches and sometimes fruit – from the smoker…whether mullet done Bill Vincent Sr. style or oysters or chicken or boston butt or ribs or best of all big packer brisket.)

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    • I spent a fine eight years as a Titusville Star-Advocate writer, investigative reporter, photographer, editorial columnist and mostly as a sports editor/writer/photographer from 1976 through 1984 and enjoyed very much North Brevard and its vassal states of Central and South Brevard. Didn’t get much gardening in, but I did thrive on the marshes and lakes and rivers – both fresh and salt – for added provender. Glad to meet y ou PCT.

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