8 thoughts on ““A Syrian Serious Question”

      • Work, stay home to empty navel – lint grows growly big and ornery in Sanford; sometimes I just water, weed and watch the garden and do some writing – much of which appears not here. Then, there’s the fantastical floating-in-air pirate ship – sometimes a schooner and sometimes a three-decker man-o’-war with high castles both fore’ and aft’ and I get to give the admiral an afternoon off to polish the plank, as it were. As I bespoke someone else who asked about mssing me: just throw harder – I quit walking so fast last decade and should be much easier to hit. I miss not having enough time to troll the WordPress and FB and Twitter highways reading and playing with all kinds of chums – sum mine and some not – and I miss not taking weeks off at a time to trek through woods and fields and towns taking portraits with various cameras. I miss not doing the download FB’s JKirkRichards page of the myriad notes, poems, japes, jokes, recipes, and most of all the massive files of photos, especially all those photos of friends (and some not) playing and making music out in the open and into dark – and sometimes dank and now – thankfully – carcinogenically foul smoke, though I do make leeway for open-air cigars and such, especially if I can object myself quietly away. And then there is my passion: test-piloting my hammock while doing serious studies on the effects of inebriation in said piloting.

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