“My Secret Fat Tomato”

There’s a secret fat

tomato teasing me now:

Fried green, BLT?*


*(In the garden, recently moved to a more secure spot away from the casual shopper – I know it’s not a squirrel, because it’s sister/brother big boy with broad shoulders disappeared from the towering vine’s streetside former perch without the telltale quarter-eaten evidence a treerat would leave – so the second of three fat almost ripe fully ‘maters sits low surrounded by sharp, thorny and razor-leaved pineapple potted plants as I quivveringly ponder its fate: right now just green enough for a bath in buttermilk followed by a toweling-off with highly-seasoned cornmeal and flour for a quick fry – Fried Green Tomatoes are not rock-hard green but pinkish with green-hued tinges – or – Oh, My Gosh, I can feel the saliva o’er-tipping my feeble and pleading lips – a Bacon Lettuce And Tomato sammich.  Home made bread slathered with butter on BOTH sides – keep yer mayonnaise! – last of the sturdy romaine lettuce and a one-slice covers the bread thick tomato slice, Kosher salt-n-freshground peppered on both sides, with thick nearly crunchy but with enough yield and glistening fat remaining bacon hiding the refugee ‘mater.  Milk? Beer? Unsweet Tea?  Got enough slices in that gorgeous hunk-o’-red to have all three! Cancel Armageddon: I’m busy!)

4 thoughts on ““My Secret Fat Tomato”

    • That’s why there are two such tomatoes in question. Will be transplanting my San Marzano(sp?) seedlings Palm Sunday – the Italian-developed thick-fleshed plum tomatoes with very few seeds are perfect for turning into sauces, and even better, tomato paste. It will be war on Tree Rats. All I want is a fair share, not the indiscriminate ravages of barely eaten ‘maters and cukes and suchlike soft fruits-d’-terre! Hey! Mw: we got any .17-caliber shells? I Feels a war comin’ on: and I’s opposed to chemicals!

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