“A Florida Question…Gone To Pot”

Two years to write rules

for ‘de-cannibed’ pot for ‘scripts:’

how long for real sh*t?


*(originally typed “stuff” but thought the old “stoner” lingo more apropos. Florida’s Medical Marijuana law, passed at least last year if not before – forgive, por favor, I five-got my calendar – will put pill-, liquid-, or ungent-forms of decannibanoid (sp?) types of MaryJane (won’t getcha high) in front of consumers, like, yesterday if you believe the wags and, like, day after judgement if you are a practicing cynic.  The fight over where, how many and how taxed waged before, during and after the political crap with regard to not just who gets to grow the stuff, how processed to take the good out and leave the meds in, and where it will be sold have gummed up the works to the point that nothing significant has changed.  Dispensaries still have not opened a door, kids with certain forms of seizures still have not had those maladies abated. You know the drill.  Is this all a ploy to get to the real design by the Pot Fer Ewe crowd?  You betcha!  The ill, infirm or just the sick-lame-lazy crowd still hoping to get an oregano-high are pawns, were pawns and always will be pawns when it comes to the commercial feel-good types with corporate backing and possibly dis-corporate (forgive me, Michael Valentine Smith) “fronting.” I has said ’nuff!)

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    • I know longer linger with chocolate fingers and icecream grins…but I can recall sitting in a banyan tree passing bowls abrunin’ to my pals as kollege kids wandered off to klass at Rainbowland just a bit of a drunkard’s walk from The Magic Musroom pizzaria between downtown Honolulu and The U of H. They’d let us invade the upstairs loft with a pitcher of Primo and use our own oregano on the massive gooey and gorgeous pie. Thanks for the flashback, Yassy!

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