Christ Pisses His Life Away (Chapter Two)

Unbolt Me: ablsolute(ion) be thine! I quick flung a headline over your tour-de-farce suggesting He is lurking about in search of busted-gut fixer after reading this rave right onishly. Such insight into so many levels! Thanks. I will have to go about Sanford this afternoon wearing two paper grocery sacks to hide the ear-to-ear grin that surely would get me tossed to see what substance I had ingested and surely I am not positive I could keep the secret of your authorship!

unbolt me

1 How is it that I can heal, but not make them shut up…

2 ‘Peter! Look! He’s waking!’

3 ‘My name isn’t Peter. Why do you keep calling me Peter? I’m Simon!’

4 ‘No, dude. I’m Simon. You’re Peter.’

5 ‘No, I’m jolly not!’

6 ‘Hey, man. Chill! 7 We can’t both be called Simon. Otherwise we’d be Simon and Simon. 8 How would that work?’

9 ‘Then why don’t you change your name? Pick something else you like.’

10 ‘I like Simon!’

11 Oh, great. I think I may have come to in a storm water drain. It’s not the most dignified way to greet a new day. 12 I stir, the muck and piss swirling around me, it adding shame to the pounding behind my eyes. 13 Ugh! I feel like carpenters have set up shop in my forehead, 14 and my mouth feels like a donkey’s…

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