“Multi-Dip For My (Tortilla) Strips” Tanka 520*

Pinto AND Black Beans,

onions, garlic,  lime and oil –

sour cream, forget not –

the small minced jalapenos

and dry diced chorizo, too!

*(Best if you make your own refried beans, but good quality canned are fine: include parsley AND cilantro mince, kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, toasted cumin, both whole and ground after, corriander treated the same way, and fresh diced, seeded but not skinned cherry or grape tomatoes for both color and flavor.  Extra Virgin Olive Oil mandatory.  Tortilla strips made from calciaum-treated (lime) corn masa, either bought commercially or made in-house, especially when some are going to become part of chiliquiles (sp?) as part of a border breakfast…some of the bean dip (either before or after the sour cream) can be used heated to go with the eggs and tortilla mashup.  Please ‘scuse me most sincerely: I have uncontrollable drools and must run home to desayuño dos! On second-day tasting I added my own dried chipotle powder, made from a mix of ripe, smoke-dried jalapenos, habanero, serrano, datil, scotch bonnet and whatever’s hot and ripe in the garden.

I broke down last eve’s late afternoon and made up a cup of brown rice which I did not fling gulletward as I almost had convinced myself so to do, but instead scooped out a two-cup hole in the bean dip – just the morning before bedecked with the now-pearlike and some bred-true grape tomatoes, sans seeds, and filled said crater with said brown rice, added the leftover to the reusable yogurt cup now holding two cups of bean dip – how serendipitous!  A moveable feast no longer necessitating the hauling of the whole kaboodle’s kit to where I would sup – or pre-sup actually – and folded both containers well and truly and did not warn the tortilla strips soon comes their doom!)

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