“Sit In The Shins’ Dark Room”

Sit in a dark room

boxfan a medium blurr

listen to the shins*


*(rebroadcast of A Prairie Home Companion and hear Indie Rock Band out New Mexico, the Shins.  Stunningly good…which got me to scribble this so un-related related note: Avett Brothers this Summer in Orlando.  Their work on A Chef’s Life on Create TV prompted me to tune-in both nieces-2-pieces, one a PhD (Opera) from IU in Bloomington via Hayward, California, and the other a PhD-candidate also at IU via UF and greater metropolitan Chuuluota: but I warned them in vain: both fans and each had seen Avett Bros. in person.  So not talking to them!)

2 thoughts on ““Sit In The Shins’ Dark Room”

    • Bruce: I hit an “N” too many: The Shins an Albuquerque NM band which I sampled Sunday last on the newly redesigned (Garrison Keillor-less) Prairie Home Companion on NPR (Yup, even we crazed hordes occasionally sample the poisoned waters of public airwaves) and enjoyed. The TV had died and along with it in commiseration I suppose so did the heat pump’s misnomered other option. Along the way I also got to hear a truly spectacular voice, Regina Spektor.


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