“Sit In The Shins’ Dark Room”

Sit in a dark room

boxfan a medium blurr

listen to the shins*


*(rebroadcast of A Prairie Home Companion and hear Indie Rock Band out New Mexico, the Shins.  Stunningly good…which got me to scribble this so un-related related note: Avett Brothers this Summer in Orlando.  Their work on A Chef’s Life on Create TV prompted me to tune-in both nieces-2-pieces, one a PhD (Opera) from IU in Bloomington via Hayward, California, and the other a PhD-candidate also at IU via UF and greater metropolitan Chuuluota: but I warned them in vain: both fans and each had seen Avett Bros. in person.  So not talking to them!)

“Sanford Has No Church Street”

Sanford has no Church Street

as all the world already knows::

sin makes do O’do*!


*(O-do: contraction for Orlando, which does have a Church Street.  My favorite all-time Church Street: “The Gut” in Valletta, Malta, formerly called Church Street but now (as of 1969) called Straight Street, which in itself is comment-worthy, no?)