“My (Favorite) Pillow!”

my favorite pillow –

hank of gramma’s feather bed

passed on to ‘her’ boys! *


*(Mom’s mother, Becky, came to America just before the turn of the century – yup, that’un, not this Y2K-come-lately, – with some pillows made from the feather bed upon which she slept after being “adopted” into relatives’ family in Vienna.  She served as cook, scullery maid, and seamstress and much else besides to earn her bread and board and those skills later served as she took her infantile paralysis-survived daughter Chaya “Sally” to the Catskills resorts at which she worked most summers as her husband Dovid “David” toiled a runway tailor in the Fashion-show mobbed-up Garment District, close to where they lived in upper Manhattan – then called Spanish Harlem.  David Feldman ben Asher Anshell sent for Rebecca bas Joseph Leib  to come marry him and with his success came the enablement of much of Becky’s Eastern European Jewish family and his own as well to come to America a generation before The Holocaust,  Stalin already had killed – starved – much if not most of his relatives in Ukraine before the solution became final for Hitler’s SS.  And, so, this Scots-Irish lad treasures that little feather pillow – and it fits where ever I tuck it and only a few escapees each year crawl their way through the barriers to say “hi!” and float away.  Next time I shall ask: “Goose or Duck?”)

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