From Phoebe Chi (Puppy Doc) worthy enough to break ranks with haiku, etc. to introduce a friend of hers…

Lately, I’ve been telling an old friend of mine how wonderful the WordPress community is (at least the little snippet of it that I know). I’m always amazed at how a community of people who have never met, and are so different, can be so kind and supportive of one another. Because of that, I really wanted her to ‘meet’ you guys, since she very recently started blogging and wants to connect with others. Aside from giving her blogging tips, I specifically wanted to connect her with those of you that I already know, because, simply put, you guys really warm my heart (and secretly, I feel that you guys are the coolest bloggers on wordpress!) So that is the purpose of this post.

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From John Coyote’s Blog – Blog di Marcello

Originally posted on ….HUSHABYE silenzioso addio ……Blog di Marcello: Metamorfosi Ora non sono più la stessa persona di prima. Ero crisalide e ora sono farfalla. Ero larva ora sono formica. Ero un bocciolo ora sono rosa. Non è stato semplice. Scavare nelle mie tenebre. Perforare lo strato di ghiaccio che ricopriva il mio cuore. Guastare…

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“And I’ll Have Hibiscus Tea” Tanka 505

Catfish, collards, grits

and cornbread complete* on plate:

coleslaw, beans be-sides.


Key Lime pie with Vin Santo

with fresh-brewed hibiscus tea!

Key Lime pie with vin santo and if you must, freshly brewed jaimica (hibiscus tea) but the star of the show: Cornbread Complete – whether by Jiffy mix or by real – includes just-wilted sweet onion chunks, thumbnail sized sauteed with red-ripe and green jalapeno rings and pork-skin cracklings saved from the last Boston Butt or fresh picnic roast smoked to a chin-drippin’ turn with a choice of honey or butter or both. Buckets of fresh-made tartar sauce: homemade mayonnaise with olive oil, whole egg, minced onion and cornichon and sweet relish, lemon juice with worchestershire and a light dusting of minced dill and parsley.  Optional: Cobb-Corn either boiled, steamed or roasted in-husk with a whole cowherd of butter, slathered on a big ol’e slice of thick white bread well Kosher salted and freshly ground peppered – keeps from watching the S&P fall off and gives you a handy-dandy re-fill place and cob-holder and the well-seasoned bread may serve as dessert!)

“Turnabout Fair Play”

My Dad did not tell

even his bride how he’d vote:

Said* him not their wealth!


*(After mom died, I gave dad his breakfast sidedish: their joint-account checkbook and bank statements.  I said that since I was on the list as co-owner, I would be happy to “do the books” but that he should know what was what and make a stab at it anyway.  He agreed and opened the statement.  Several long, very long seconds.  “That much?  And you knew?  Why’t you tell me?”  I smiled and brought forth from Mom’s galley my grapefruit-broil and bacon-butter-n-pineapple preserves toast sammich, “Hey! Dad!  I never told her about the two, three grand you got in hundreds in your wallet that I exchanged in ones and two over the years for your Twenties you made in those so-called side jobs across the lake with your cronies.” He turned his eyes to his plate of over-easy, grits orange-n-grapefruit sections just-mixed from the trees outside and both (bacon AND sausage but just 2-n-one!) and shook his head slowly side-to-side, grinning the while.”