“Sure Got Hot Out Today”

Saw momma black snake

slid along the waterhose just at noon:

She hunts for some shade!*


*(Despite being so-called cold-blooded – and black, which absorbs solar heat so well – the black snakes ’round here regulate their body temperature in changing seasons by sunning themselves or seeking shade when ambient temps and solar radiation reach upper levels.  We had a windchill factor ’round the garden at the office reaching 90 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday.  I luxuriated in mine own personal built-in steambath.  and did some The Number of The Beast by RA Heinlein re-reading after a three decade hiatus and thought for a moment my eyes were going dessert mirage-thingy on me: the hose had changed color in one small section and was writhe-wriggling along towards t he just re-raked leaves to form a berm by the cinnamon ferns and Staghorn Ferns babys set off in potting-soil containers before joining their parent suspended under a sabal palm before the front window and just above the birdbath.  Hell: change from a no-glasses easier read to the polarized shades and see it’s Momma Black Snake just beside the hoseline on her way to the fernery, perhaps for a little nap or maybe a bit of snacks-shopping with toads, crickets, Cuban Anoles and other small lizards about all over.)