“An Irish Lament*”

Scour  the inside

of an Old Bushmill’s bottle

or go find green tee?


*(Originally “Quandary” but those of us Gaelic enough neither can spell no know Quandary and her many siblings, but we do know that biblical book most well.My last bottle of 21-year-old single malt Bushmill quakes in anticipation as I contemplate a third shot this even’. Maybe pour all three into a big snifter and sit facing a failing sun, the garden before its proscenium of sculpted blue-tip palmetto and grand gestureed multiple old oaks in a silent scimitar.)

“In Praise Of 1031 By Bruce Jewett*”

Leave gems in you wake

I have a big needy sack

as I stumble past


*(Longtime poet, writer, great photographer when he so chooses, Bruce Clay Jewett of Mountain View, LeftCoast, penned an haiku he called 1031.  I reblogged and he said thanks.  Such a kind man, even for a Devil Dog gone bad, and it prompted the above.  He does leave gems in his wake. Bruce may be found on WP at either BruceJewett.wordpress or Haiku for Cats – sameplace. His paean to a shinning “star” and a crescent moon haiku worthy of Edward Estlin Cummings hisownself! But that’s a different work.  He gets published regularly in the excellent e-zine Failed Haiku.)