3 thoughts on ““That’s Telling ‘Em!”

    • Estoy en la biblioteca ala Sanford La Florida. Just finished pulling off the frost-protection on the foodstuff plants – still, I knew better what with the screams of the “We’re All GONNA die by ice” crowd called meteorologists on television – and, yes, radio – saying that ridiculous “no’reaster storm was gonna spread feets and feets of snow and doom all from New York on North and we’d get freezin’ and frostin’ weather down here in Central Florida was – AGAIN! – oh so wrong. Per usual. But I do like my “free” kholrabi, radishes, kales, cukes, snow peas, chili peppers, cherry and grape tomatoes (oh, damn! forgot to cover the Cherokee Purple and other bigger tomatoes and when I looked this morning before heading hereward they were fine, too. But come next chill I will same do. I called for a freeze ‘bore Easter and still want one. I have all the covers for the plants and do not mind movin’ all the containers under cover because I want something to knock down the fleas and ticks and other-such pestiferousness down a mite before full Spring runs into Summer and makes my ankles itch. Or, in the a case of the grumpy grammarian, Between The A-and-T, m’dear. You?

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