“Night Crawlers Of Another Kind” Tanka 487

Nightcrawlers come out

of well-worked compost bins

by the Regiment!


Young and wriggly,  thin-n-quick:

Fat to tempt a big ol’e bass!*


*(I’d rather eat a small 1- to 2-pound largemouth bass, fried with a light flour or cornmeal crusting, poached in court boullion or drawn and de-gilled but not scaled and hibachii’d on a hot grill grate, all with mere Kosher salt and fresh-ground black pepper with a squeeze of lemon, rather than a big, say six- or 12-pound lunker bass that are mots more fun to catch on light tackle, but often infested with parasites and some with lesions. The larger the predator upon which I prey, especially fish from local fresh water, the more danger from pollutants and such.  Besides, I likes me provender tender and in the case of largemouth bass and such, kilt quickly and on the fire five minutes at most from the water.  Try a freshly-dipped Indian River shrimp beheaded and peeled and without benefit of heat…be sure to suck the head for the fat and flavor.  Or, if you be squeam, dip it in a can of boiling hot salt-water fresh from where you caught the swimps  That’s eatin’!)