“Bad Dog Saloon Gone”

These girls got bad bar,

dance atop the polished pine

at ‘Bad Dog’ Saloon!*


*(Once upon a time there was a bar way out past the normal run of things for Sanford – out where fun was had and frivolity found fancy…25th Street to be exact, in our typical Central Florida newly evolved and re-evolved love affair with downtown and all things First Street.  When for a brief time The Alley Blues Bar was going through hell and actually closed, The Blues Scene switched to a place that existed less than a full year, The Bad Dog Saloon, which now is Nathan(iel?)’s Steak House after several previous and grievous iterations (as well as since).  And while the owner-operator let things slide wondrously there was for a Spring and Summer and into Fall a home for local Blues on Sundays and once Signal 21 (Or was it Smokin’ Torpedoes?) came in with a full show on a Saturday.  The bartenderlot were…well, take a look and see.  More photos of notables and mentionables to follow. I want to wish The Misbehavin’ Pooch a sweet rest and comebacksoonwhenyoucan.

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